Schedule 2017

Click here to download a printable copy of the Schedule:

NEH Spring 2017 Institute Schedule (PDF)

Note: All Fellows are asked to pre-load their presentations by providing Angel David Nieves ( with links to their Google Slides, or be sure to provide a USB/thumb drive on Friday evening for copying.

Broad Themes (under consideration for book project w/UGA Press)

  • U.S. & Comparative Slavery
  • Urban Environments
  • Caribbean & Latin American Slavery
  • Cartography, Testimony and Narrative Landscapes
  • Gender, Resistance and Social Movements
  • Archives & Digital Publications

Friday, April 21 (Dwight Lounge, Bristol Center)

Welcome Table on 1st Floor of Bristol Student Center  (monitor begins @ 2pm) – Follow-Up Meeting & Accommodations Check-In (if you arrive before 2pm please check-in @ Bristol Front Desk — right of entry)

12:30-4:30pm Arrivals from Syracuse Airport & Utica Amtrak Station
5:30pm Opening Reception  (by Bon Appétit)

Dwight Lounge, Bristol Center

6:30-7:30pm Dean’s Welcome, Dr. Margaret Gentry, Dean of Faculty, Hamilton College

Buffet Dinner, Dwight Lounge, Bristol Center

Opening Keynote (during dessert)

  • “TBA,” Dr. Marisa Parham (Amherst College)

Saturday, April 22 (112 Sadove Conference Room)

Welcome Table outside 112 Sadove (please follow signs)

8:30am Pick-ups @ Arbor Inn and Williams Street (Bristol only by request)
8:30am Continental Breakfast  (by Bon Appétit)
9:00am Opening Remarks: Drs. Kim T. Gallon and Angel David Nieves  
9:30am–12:00pm Institute Fellow Presentations

  • “Mapping Modernity’s Slavery: The Constitutive Spatiality of Leisure and Racial Spectacle in Antebellum New Orleans” — Frederick Charles Staidum, Jr., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Muhlenberg College (U.S. & Comparative Slavery)
  • “Trans-Atlantic Slavery in Comparative Economic Context: Four Cases, 1750-1850” — Walter Greason, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Monmouth University (U.S. & Comparative Slavery)
  • “Charter Schools, Black Social Life, and the Refusal of Death in Post-Katrina New Orleans” — Justin Hosbey, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Associate, University of Maryland, College Park (Urban Environments)
  • “Virtuality, Modernity, and the Text of D.C.” — Leah Barlow, Ph.D. Student, University of Pennsylvania (Urban Environments)
  • “Colored Phoenix: Racial Integration as a Quotient of Metropolitan Development” — Anthony Pratcher, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania (Urban Environments)
12:00–12:15pm Break
12:15–1:00pm Catered Lunch  (by Bon Appétit)
12:15–1:00pm Lunchtime Keynote

  • “Hakuna Kama Mama: Producing Knowledges of Resistance in Maternal Health  Spaces In East Africa,” Dr. Marla Jaksch (The College of New Jersey)
1:15-3:15pm Institute Fellow Presentations

  • “The Missing History of African Slavery in Institutional Spaces and the Digital Age in the Dominican Republic” — Lissette Acosta, Ph.D., Fulbright Scholar (Caribbean & Latin American Slavery)
  • The Lone Gone Days de Los Chinchales: A Cartographic Study of Historical and Ethnographic Failure” — Ethel Hazard, Ph.D., Independent Scholar (Caribbean & Latin American Slavery)
  • “The Spatiality of Capital and the Optimization of Space to the Law of Value within Cuban Slavery, 1820-1886” — Reynaldo Ortiz-Minaya, Assistant Professor, CUNY-Brooklyn College, Department of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies (PRLS) (Caribbean & Latin American Slavery)
  • “Breaking the Hold of the Colonial Map on the Black Spatial Imagination” — Christopher Roberts, Ph.D. Student, Temple University (Cartography, Testimony and Narrative Landscapes)
  • “For the Recited Spatial Narratives of Back Ways” — Darius Scott, Ph.D. Candidate, University of North Carolina (Cartography, Testimony and Narrative Landscapes)
3:15-3:30pm Break (dessert items available by Bon Appétit))
3:30-5:30pm Institute Participant Presentations

  • “TBA,” denisse andrade, Ph.D. Student, Graduate Center (CUNY) and Asha Best, Ph.D. Candidate, Rutgers University
  • “Analyzing Spatial and Temporal Data in Testimonies of Children from Masango Commune of Gitarama Prefecture Who Survived the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda” — Musa Olaka, Ph.D., Assistant Librarian, University of Kansas (Cartography, Testimony and Narrative Landscapes)
  • “Black Female Activism in the 19th Century: Ida B. Wells and her Anti-Lynching Campaign” — Caitlin Pollock, Assistant Librarian, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (Gender, Resistance and Social Movements)
  • “Digitizing the Literary Health Politics of Black Women Writers” — Lisa Young, Ph.D. Candidate, Purdue University (Gender, Resistance and Social Movements)
  • “Mapping the Margins Again: Violence against Black Women in Jim Crow Houston”— David Ponton, III, Ph.D. Candidate, Rice University (Gender, Resistance and Social Movements)
5:30-6:30pm Break
6:30-7:30pm Catered Working Dinner  (by Bon Appétit)

Sunday, April 23 (112 Sadove Conference Room)

Those staying at the Bristol Center Guest Accommodations must be packed by 8:15am; can leave luggage at front desk once you check-out.  Please be checked-out by 8:15am.

8:30am Pick-ups @ Arbor Inn and Williams Street (Bristol only by request)
8:30am Continental Breakfast  (by Bon Appétit)
9:00 – 9:10am Remarks: Drs. Kim T. Gallon and Angel David Nieves  
9:10 -9:30am Institute Participant Presentations

  • “TBA,” Jeremiah Johnson, Undergraduate DH Student  (Purdue) (Archives & Digital Publications)
9:30 – 11:00am Book Project Workshop
11:00 – 12:00pm Catered Lunch  (by Bon Appétit)
11:15-12:00pm Closing Keynote

  • “TBA,” Dr. Jessica Johnson (Johns Hopkins University)
12:00pm Syracuse Airport & Utica Amtrak Station Departures Begin